Tuesday, May 19, 2009


In the book Fresher Styles for Web Designers: More Eye Candy from the Underground by Curt Cloninger I found a review of an interesting website Modernista! When you link to the current version of it from any other page on the web, the page from which you came appears behind the minimal Modernista! menu. It's wecome disclamer reads "You are viewing Modernista! through the eyes of the web. The menu on the left is our homepage. Everything behind it is beyond our control." As you scroll through the M! menu, notice that all its portfolio content is hosted on publicly available, "web 2.0" sites. Its print work is on Flickr, its video work is on Youtube, its web work is linked from del.icio.us, and recent news about the company is found at Google News. As you navigate to each of these subsites, the Modernista! menu continues to hover on the top left, uniting these disparate web locations under one logo.

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